Parent Coordination Services in Draper

Parenting coordination is a child-centered process where a qualified professional uses education, mediation and counseling to reduce the amount of conflict that a family is experiencing. The objective is to help the family transition through the divorce process with as little conflict as possible, and, if conflict is already high, manage the conflict and help the family progress more quickly to where they can function on their own.

Our Parent Coordination in Draper, Utah Helps Families:

  • Reduce the level of stress and conflict
  • Create and/or implement co-parenting agreements, even in high conflict situations
  • Ensure that timely decisions are made when the parents reach an impasse on issues related to the children
  • Help parents avoid protracted fights in a litigious court system

parent coordination

What Does a Parenting Coordinator Do?

Parent coordination will start by the coordinator getting familiar with the situation. This person will take the time to learn about each of the parents and the child. He or she will closely examine the often delicate relationships that exist among the parties involved. After this phase of the process, the parenting coordinator will begin working on a parenting plan involving child custody and child visitation.

The end result can be the development of a positive parenting plan that both sides have agreed upon. Many parents have been happy with the results of using this method to resolve child custody and visitation disputes.

Why do you Need a Parent Coordinator?

Because parenting coordination helps high conflict families resolve their disputes out of the court and reduces the excessive use of litigation.

Because parenting coordination serves as another-alternative dispute resolution method for high conflict cases with child related issues which are not amenable to mediation.

Because parenting coordination helps families survive conflict with a more intact family unit, even if separated, reducing the harmful effects of conflict which jeopardizes the well-being of children.

parent coordinator

When is Parent Coordination Used?

A parenting coordinator may be appointed by the court to provide the parents with assistance to effectively implement existing court orders on issues of shared parenting when:

  • The parties have failed to adequately implement their shared parenting arrangements in relation to their child or children
  • Mediation has not been successful or has been determined by the court to be inappropriate;
  • The court finds that appointment of a parenting coordinator is necessary to protect the children from harm caused by the parents’ failure to implement their shared parenting plan;
  • The parties can afford to pay for the parenting coordinator’s services or the services of the parenting coordinator can be provided at no expense to the parties.

Parent coordination is NOT for cases in which it has been determined that the process may compromise the safety of any party, the minor children or the parenting coordinator.