Counseling and Mediation in Riverton, Utah

Sunrise Solutions offers counseling and mediation services to individuals, couples and families in and around Riverton, Utah.

At some point in our lives, we can all use a helping hand and a fresh perspective to bring us the clarity we need. When you turn to the professionals at Sunrise Solutions for help, we use our years of education, training and experience to help you find your way along the path to happiness, peace and fulfillment.

Whether you are struggling with your own personal issues or problems with others, you can depend on our caring and capable therapists to get you unstuck and moving forward again.

We offer therapy to clients throughout Riverton, Utah, in five main areas:


Our lives are long and filled with challenges. But you don’t have to face them alone. Whether you’re dealing with problems with work, relationships, substance abuse, body image issues, depression, anxiety or another mental health issue, reach out — we can help.

Marriage & Couples

Primary relationships are never easy. Whether you’ve been married for one year or 25 years — or you’re still dating — many issues can prevent you from enjoying a relationship with a loved one.

Common problems include infidelity, jealousy, abuse and issues with sex, intimacy and communication. The sooner you address these types of problems in your relationship, the better the chance of saving it. But not every relationship should be saved, and getting therapy can help you make the decision to move on and prioritize your own happiness and satisfaction.


Many family relationships are heavy with baggage. Expectations and disappointments can last a lifetime. With relationships, we must come to understand what we do and do not have the power to change. And once we do, we can start making decisions about what’s best for ourselves.


Divorce is never easy. Whether you initiated the divorce or your spouse left you, the process is charged with emotion. You may feel afraid, lonely, betrayed, angry and more. If there are children involved, these issues are magnified further.

Although technically your divorce will be complete when the judge signs the order, you will still feel the effects of the fallout for months or even years. We can teach you how to cope. We can help you see that you can be happy again.

Parent Coordination

Parenting after divorce can be fraught with challenges. Each parent may have different ideas of what is best for the children and it may be difficult to come to an agreement, especially if one or more parents is still struggling with negative feelings from the divorce.

At Sunrise Solutions, we can help by mediating disputes between you and your ex-spouse. With effort, you can reduce the tension and friction in your households.

Sunrise Solutions in Riverton, Utah, is Here for You

Everyone has problems, but unfortunately, not everyone asks for help. Contact Sunrise Solutions in Riverton, Utah, and get started on your journey toward personal health and wellness.