Count on Sunrise Solutions for Therapy in West Jordan, Utah

Life is complicated, and we could all use a little help navigating our sometimes-convoluted paths. Here at Sunrise Solutions in West Jordan, we offer therapy to individuals, couples and families struggling with personal and interpersonal issues.

We provide therapy across five major areas:


Most of us have had plenty of time in our lives to become mired in our misperceptions and unhealthy habits. Outside perspective and gentle guidance can help set you on a restorative, more productive path.

Make an appointment today with one of our well-trained and experienced counselors. You’ll rediscover your own power and learn how to use it to free yourself from the traps you have fallen into.

Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy

Your primary relationship is the one that takes most of your energy and presents the most challenges. As time goes on, what had been early bumps in the road may have become veritable roadblocks. How do you get past them? Can you get past them?

The only way to find out is to explore, in the safety of the office of a trained therapist. Our counselors can help you and your partner navigate the choppiest of waters.

Even if your partner isn’t on board with searching for solutions through therapy, we urge you to take charge of your own destiny and take the important first step of acknowledging your need for clarity and an objective viewpoint.

Family Counseling

All families have conflict. Some have more than others. The question isn’t why, but what you can do about it. The answer might be to lean in or to step away. You won’t know until you explore your situation fully.

Whether it’s your mom, your in-laws, your teenager or someone else with whom your relationship has grown contentious, you can create change by being the first to alter your behavior.

Doing the same thing hasn’t worked. Try something different. Start by calling Sunrise Solutions of West Jordan.

Divorce Mediation

Even amicable divorces are painful, and there aren’t many of those. Emotions are raw and tempers run high. It’s important to have a calm voice of reason to help deflate some of the feelings of anger and disappointment.

Count on the professionals at Sunrise Solutions. We have helped mediate dozens of divorces. Rather than take sides, we look at the process objectively and suggest solutions that are in the best interests of all parties.

Parent Coordination

Divorces are eventually finalized, but parenting is forever. And the younger the children, the more challenges there are.

We help parents come to agreements on common areas of contention including bedtimes, homework, extracurriculars and more. Children do better post-divorce when parents fight less.

Turn to Sunrise Solutions

Whatever your struggles may be related to — work, children, significant other, addiction, mental health, eating disorder, body image, stress, lack of motivation, feeling adrift — we can help.

Contact the trained experts at Sunrise Solutions of West Jordan. Our warm and understanding therapists will listen carefully when you tell us about the issues you are struggling with, then ask questions to aid in the process of determining what steps will get you closer to your goal.

Call us today. Feel better tomorrow.