Counseling and Mediation Services in Draper, Utah


If you’re looking for family or individual counseling or mediation services in Draper or nearby parts of Utah, you’ve come to the right place. Our staff at Sunrise Solutions has decades of experience in the industry, providing compassionate and confidential counseling and mediation services.

We understand that every person’s life is unique and so are their problems, which is why we strive to work with each individual client to find the best solution for them. Our goal is not only to help our clients effectively address their personal or family issues but also to provide support and guidance in order to facilitate healing and growth. Contact us today to learn more about our programs or services, or to set up an appointment!

Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy

Some of our top services include marriage counseling and couples therapy, which can help couples to better understand each other and create a healthier, more balanced relationship. We use a variety of techniques and approaches to help with a variety of issues, from anger or communication problems to infidelity, child-rearing, and other relationship issues.

No matter what is causing distress in your relationship, we can help you to identify the problem and work through it to find a solution that works best for both of you.

Individual Counseling Services

We also offer individual counseling services that focus on helping people with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma, bipolar disorder, grief and loss, substance abuse, and more. Our experienced counselors are here to provide a safe and comfortable environment for you to discuss your concerns, explore possible solutions, and work towards achieving your goals.

Family Counseling Solutions

Our family counseling services are designed to help families with various issues such as communication difficulties, conflict resolution, parenting skills, behavioral problems, grief and loss, and more. We aim to help the family unit as a whole, and we strive to create an atmosphere of understanding and support in order to facilitate healing and growth.

Other Counseling Programs

We also offer programs like grief counseling, trauma-focused therapy and more to help our clients work through their concerns and find peace of mind. We provide a safe, nurturing environment to explore your feelings and to help you find ways to move forward in life.

Mediation Services

Finally, we’re happy to offer divorce mediation services. Our mediators can provide you with the tools and guidance necessary to help you reach an agreement on contentious matters such as child custody, spousal support, and division of marital assets.

No matter what concerns you may have, we’re here to help. So if you’re in Draper and looking for help with any form of counseling or mediation, whether individual or family, contact our caring staff at Sunrise Solutions today!