Counseling and Mediation in Herriman, Utah

The team of warm and caring therapists at Sunrise Solutions in Herriman, Utah, works to give individuals, couples and families another chance at happiness.

No life is without challenges. While some are fleeting, others tend to stick around. The longer we are mired in a static situation, the harder it can be to get out. Sometimes, to come to a solution, it takes an outsider to reframe a problem so you can see it in a new way.

Here at Sunrise Solutions in Herriman, our counselors use their education, skills and training to gently guide you toward clarity.

We offer therapy in five major areas:


Most people’s lives today are no longer simple. We have so many choices, we sometimes become paralyzed with our decision-making. Whether you are struggling with depression, anxiety, an eating disorder, a substance abuse problem or another personal issue, we can help.

Marriage & Couples

Conflict in marriage and relationships is inevitable. To stay balanced, you must find a healthy, positive way to manage it. At Sunrise Solutions, you and your partner can learn new ways of communicating to reduce conflict, increase intimacy and strengthen your relationship.

However, not all relationships can — or should — be saved. If your partner refuses therapy, please consider coming alone. We have helped hundreds of individuals gain the courage they need to stand on their own and control their destiny.


Family dynamics can be complex. We commonly see families in which teens, struggling to find their own identity, butt heads with parents. Sometimes these parents are caught in the middle, also struggling to care for their own elderly parents.

Whether your biggest challenge is with your sister, your dad, your son or all three, family counseling with the counselors at Sunrise Solutions can offer you the perspective you need to change these troubled relationships.


Some divorces are more contentious than others, but no divorce is easy. Whether you initiated the breakup or your spouse did, you will both suffer with feelings of pain, disillusionment, abandonment and more.

Dividing your possessions, your time and your very lives is tremendously difficult, and healing takes time. The therapists at Sunrise Solutions are here for you throughout the divorce process and beyond.

Parent Coordination

Most divorces include provisions that the parents make decisions about children jointly, but this can be difficult. Maybe your ex makes decisions without consulting you, or maybe they frequently disagree about what’s best.

Don’t get stuck in these destructive patterns. We can help mediate disputes between you and your ex and teach you how to work productively together in the future.

Sunrise Solutions of Herriman is Here for You

Oftentimes, problems seem insurmountable. We look at them in isolation, which distorts them, prompting us to make decisions that are not good for us.

Rely on the warm, compassionate therapy team at Sunrise Solutions. Don’t just imagine a new future; resolve to begin your journey. Call us today.