Sunrise Solutions Provides Therapy in South Jordan, Utah

The counselors at Sunrise Solutions offer hope and help to clients in and around South Jordan, Utah, who need assistance and guidance with personal and family-based daily struggles.

We settled on the name Sunrise Solutions for our services because we truly believe each new day holds promise. It’s another chance to practice a new skill, set a boundary, take a chance — an opportunity to say no to temptations that have been holding us back and yes to possibilities that can carry us forward. Each day is a tabula rasa, a blank slate on which you can write or draw whatever you like.

Sometimes we just get stuck in our patterns. Many of us have been behaving the same way for so long that we have carved out ruts that can be difficult to pull ourselves out of without a helping hand. We invite you to think of Sunrise Solutions as that hand that can help pull you away from danger, dysfunction and just plain inertia to safety, happiness and a thriving existence.

We offer counseling in five main areas to clients in South Jordan, Utah:


Sometimes you need more than a sympathetic ear — you need a professional perspective on what is holding you back. Is it anxiety? Depression? Childhood trauma? A bad influence?

Get a trained, unbiased opinion from one of our experienced therapists.

Marriage & Couples

Many times when we’re in love, we have unrealistic expectations. And when reality proves different, disappointment and disillusionment can cause serious discord.

Let us teach you how to negotiate agreements to more successfully mesh you and your partner’s different lifestyles. In couples therapy, you will learn skills you can use for a lifetime.


As difficult as it is to manage your own life, your responsibilities are increased exponentially when you must also manage the lives of your spouse, children, parents, in-laws and other family members.

Learn how and when to say no, how to delegate and strategies for stopping to recharge your own batteries.


Divorce is difficult and painful for all involved. But you can ease some of the pain by employing a trusted advisor to help you through this trying and emotionally charged time.

You may feel lost, hopeless, resentful, angry, punitive or a host of other emotions. We can help you deal with these feelings safely and effectively.

Parent Coordination

The divorce process eventually ends when the judge signs the final decree, but custody disputes and issues with children can continue until they turn 18. There is no “final decision” regarding the lives of your children.

Thus, it’s best to try to work out conflicts as they arise, rather than waiting for them to reach epic proportions. We can help you in this endeavor. We assist in such commonly disputed areas as pickup and drop-off times, household rules and behavior in school.

A Full-Service Counseling Practice

South Jordan, Utah, residents can turn to Sunrise Solutions for any difficult issue they are struggling with, be it substance abuse, addiction, infidelity, domestic violence, sexual abuse, trauma, anxiety, depression, infertility struggles, postpartum depression, eating disorders and more.

Life can sometimes feel overwhelming. Don’t try to power through. Get help.